The Fondamentali: dal Disegno alla Pittura a Olio


  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate

  • Tuesdays: 18:00 - 20:00

  • Total Hours: 8

  • Cost: €140

  • Language: English and Italian

  • Instructor: Prof. Timothy Joseph Allen


There are four basic projects, executed in sequence, that will take you from drawing to oil painting:

  • A charcoal drawing of a still-life with a sphere and another object that is principally geometric
  • A pencil drawing of a Bargue plate
  • A charcoal drawing of a cast
  • An oil painting of a still-life with a limited palette that begins with a preparatory drawing in pencil

Students are invited to work at his or her own pace.  It is likely that no more than the first two projects will be completed at the end of a four-lesson session.

Once these four projects are complete, students may choose to continue the lessons working on either another still-life painting, a painting of a cast, a copy of an Old Master painting, or even a self-portrait.

I first created this course in 2017 after realizing that many wanted to learn to paint, but they didn’t know how to draw.  This course is designed to provide a drawing foundation and, in turn, serve as a bridge to oil painting.

Since its inception, I’ve found myself referring to this course as the ‘Karate Kid’ of drawing and painting: there is a lot of ‘sanding the floor’ and ‘painting the fence’, but all is necessary prior to tackling more challenging subjects like the portrait or the figure.

— Timothy Joseph Allen


Materials vary from project to project.  I will provide the materials needed for the first project.  After that, students are responsible for purchasing their own materials.

Terms and Conditions

A deposit of €80 is due at the time of registration.  €60 is due on the day of the first lesson.

There is no reimbursement for absences, nor make-up lessons.


Registration is managed through our Course Registration portal.  If you have any difficulties registering, please let us know via email or call/text via WhatsApp: +39 347 263 1033.

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Video Highlights: The Fundamentals

Meet Your Instructor:
Timothy Joseph Allen

Fondatore e Presidente dell’Associazione di Promozione Sociale A.P.S. PADASOR, Timothy Joseph Allen è un pittore professionista americano che vive e lavora a Roma da più di 20 anni. Tim ha iniziato la sua carriera artistica nel 1992, conseguendo un BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Studio Art presso la DePauw University e un MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) nel 1998 presso la Indiana University di Bloomington. Dal 2006 insegna anche presso The American University of Rome.

La sua principale tecnica pittorica è la pittura ad olio, in particolare olio su tela. Il suo stile e i soggetti scelti sono soprattutto ispirati al Rinascimento e al Barocco.

Di particolare importanza nel suo processo è la pittura dal vero: “Adoro dipingere soprattutto quando la presenza del soggetto e il passaggio del tempo si combinano per aggiungere urgenza alle mie analisi, intuizioni e performance.”

Negli anni recenti i suoi lavori sono stati pre-selezionati o selezionati in diverse competizioni internazionali tra cui Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Figurativas a Barcellona, World Wide Kitsch e BP National Gallery Portrait Competition a Londra.

Per capire meglio cosa Tim può insegnarti, ti invitiamo a dare un’occhiata ai suoi quadri.

Student Work and Testimonials

Testimonial: Fay from Greece

A review from a student who came to study with me last Fall, 2018. Thank you, Fay!

The Providence of Fundamentals – Learning to Draw Before You Paint Pays Dividends

Okay, so you never stop learning to draw... but learning something about drawing before you paint can only make painting more rewarding. As I always say in reference to Velazquez: make the drawing tight to keep the painting loose.