Ecco i pennelli che vi consiglio.  Tutti (o quasi) si puo’ trovare o dalla Bottega degli Artisti o da Ditta Poggi.

  • Immagine 1: Daler Rowney.  Odd used these.  He said they were horrible… yet in hand, they were.
  • Immagine 2: Isabey Hog Bristle.  These were a staple brush for me in the 90’s.  Haven’t used them much recently, though I don’t really have a reason.
  • Immagine 3: Isabey Chungking.  I think these are the new versions of the Isabey hog bristle.  Again, I remember using these often in the past.
  • Immagine 4: Raphael Mongoose.  Good brushes, though time for new ones.  The ones you see are worn out!
  • Immagine 5, 6: Tintoretto Pelo di Bue.  Have not used them much, but they look good.
  • Immagine 7: Tintoretto Synthetic “Mangusta.”  Excellent synthetic brushes, both filberts and rounds.
  • Immagine 8: W&N Galeraia.  Not sure yet what I think of these…
  • Immagine 9: W&N Monarch Synthetic.  Another good synthetic.
  • Immagine 10: JF Pelo di Bue.  The work-horse brush.  I use these often!
  • Immagine 11: JF Multi-Use Hog Bristle.  Another work-horse.  Another I use often.
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