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The Continuity of Light and the Criteria to Capture It: A Review of the Workshop with Charles Weed

From Wednesday, May 3rd to Saturday, May 6th, 2017, PADASOR was very proud to host an international group from Finland, France and Rome for an intensive oil-painting workshop with the American painter, Charles Weed, that focused on the still-life (skulls and shells) and the portrait.

How to Calibrate Your Drawing from Life with a Camera, Computer and Image Editing Software

Max Doerner said “it is no more possible to learn to paint from books than to learn to swim on a sofa.”  A variation on that could easily be “it is no more possible to learn to draw from photographs than to learn to swim on a sofa.” That said, I’ve realized in recent years that it […]

Painting En Plein Air Along the Tiber

This past Monday I had the pleasure to do a private lesson with Shiri and Dan from Jerusalem along the Tiber.  It was Shiri’s first time painting with oils, so I was most impressed with her result.  Thank you, Dan, for sending the pictures and thank you, Shiri, for writing a quick note: Dear Tim,  Thank […]