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The Palette of Velazquez

Above: V shows off his palette (left) in Las Meninas.  If you are interested in Velázquez, have a look at the following links: Notes on R.A.M. Stevenson’s “Velázquez” La Biblioteca di Velázquez Below: the palette of Velázquez according to the book “Velázquez – The Technique of Genius” by Jonathan Brown and Carmen Garrido:

Painting Workshop at Rocca Calascio – June 14 to 16 2013

About The Workshop The workshop will address two kinds of landscape painting: A Two-Day Planned Painting (First drawing, then painting), with a focus on scale, composition, light and layering of transparent paint. A One-Day “alla Prima” painting, with a focus on a wet-into-wet technique and the use of opaque paints. This workshop is open to painters of […]